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Hard Core

Hard Core is all about the abs – and back! Traditional calisthenics are merged with other core training techniques for a workout that is sure to improve core strength, stability, mobility and function. A strong, healthy core is the key for reduced back pain, ease of daily activities and improved athletic performance.

Total Body Conditioning

Total Body Conditioning is a fun, challenging format that incorporates resistant band work and cardiovascular intervals. As with all of our classes, TBC is appropriate for all fitness levels. We will couple resistance training to build lean muscle and increase strength, with short burst of cardiovascular work for maximum calorie burn.

Triple Play

This comprehensive workout brings you 15 minutes of cardio, 15 minutes of total body strength and toning exercises and 15 minutes of core training – everything your body needs is rolled into one express workout.


Relax your mind and heal your body. This class teaches yoga fundamentals and uses the breath to flow through beginning and intermediate postures. Yoga can be incredibly therapeutic and is a wonderful supplement to any exercise program as it serves to correct postural distortions, increase flexibility, improve awareness, teach good biomechanics, and instill useful relaxation techniques. Students will progressively learn asanas (postures/stretches), deep breathing, and guided relaxation. No footwear is needed.

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