Clean Eating - Part 1

Your job is to "eat clean". What exactly is Clean Eating? The Basic Rules of Clean Eating are to eliminate processed foods and enjoy foods as close to it's natural state as possible. Sounds simple enough?  I'll try to go into more detail later.

If you are intrigued with the concept that you can eat more and still lose weight and get the body you want and desire, then this concept is the right one for you!

Once you are willing to adopt and commit to this lifestyle, it is important to make sure you are making the right food choices in order to maximize your caloric intake because with the Basic Rules, not all calories are created equal.  Choosing foods with as few ingredients as possible is a must.  Start by making sure you can pronounce everything on the label.  Here are a few general rules to make sure that the foods you choose with labels are the ones that will fit into your new lifestyle:

  • Try not to eat foods that have packaging or a label in the first place, but if it has a label, then pay closer attention to the rules that follow.
  • It should have 5 ingredients or less.
  • Make sure you can pronounce everything on the label.
  • Avoid over-processed, refined foods, especially white flour and sugar.
  • Avoid sugar-loaded colas and juices*.
  • Avoid saturated and trans fats.
  • Avoid caloric dense foods with little to no nutritional value (donuts, cakes, cookies, pastries).
  • Depend heavily on fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • If you're asked to super-size it or give your order through a drive through speaker, you're in the wrong place.

It is imperative that you increase the quality of your food choices if you want this lifestyle to work for you. You need to choose foods that are  higher in quality so that you can burn fuel efficiently.  With increasing the quality of your foods and a "Cleaner" way of eating, you must also increase the frequency of your meals.   These frequent, higher quality meals must include high quality proteins, complex carbohydrates and fibrous carbohydrates. Following this lifestyle is possible even if you are a vegetarian. 

*Simple sugars can wreak havoc on any diet program and Clean Eating is no different! Sugar is addictive and stops the fat burning process instantly. Stay away from the sugar!

For further details about how sugar wreaks havoc on your fat loss potential, check out my article: "Get Rid Of Sugar Once And For All!"

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