Clean Eating Part 3

Since clean eating is about choosing better versions of the macronutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates), I thought it would be a good idea to provide you with a little more information about each of these clean eating macronutrients.

Important Food Components You Need To Know About To Help You Make Wise(r) Choices...

The macronutrients:


✔ 4 calories/gram

✔ consist of starchy CHO's & fibrous CHO's

✔ Complex CHO's require that your body has to produce enzymes to break that food apart into chains of sugars, the chains are slowly broken apart and then produce insulin to transport those sugars through the wall of the digestive tract

PROTEIN (PRO) [is king] STATS:

4 calories/gram

made up of amino acid in clusters of 22

✔ these amino acids are broken down into clusters of 2 or 3(dipeptides or tripeptides)

✔ these peptide bonds are transported through the wall of the small intestine and then these chains are rebuilt to create and repair tissue- this takes quite a bit of work!


✔ 9 calories/gram

✔ when you eat fat, your body does not have all that much work to do

✔ to digestively deal with fat your body does not require that much energy

✔ fat has twice the amount of calories than that of CHO's and PRO's and requires far less energy to digest

✔ you only need to ingest a small amount of essential fats

Portion Control Is Important Too! ⬅ (Click on the link to see portion guidelines)

Some simple snacks to ward off hunger until you can get to a meal:

✔ 2 celery stalks filled with cottage cheese, almond butter or hummus

✔ Sliced vegetables and hummus

✔ 2 hard boiled eggs and 1 piece of fruit

✔ 1 slice of deli meat and 1 piece of fruit

Don't leave your food to chance. PLAN IT! No amount of exercise will reshape your body without appropriate nutrition. If you haven't heard it before I will tell you that nutrition makes up 80% of the equation. Without proper nutrition you are wasting your time. I venture to guess that you want to make some serious physical changes. Start with your nutrition!

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