Sugar (Sucrose)

  • is the most commonly used food additive
  • ordinary table sugar is derived from sugar cane or sugar beet
  • corn syrup is derived from glucose (also known as dextrose)
  • fructose is derived from fruits
  • lactose is the sugar from milk
  • corn sugar is from glucose
  • cane syrup is from sucrose
  • invert sugar is a mixture of glucose, fructose, and sucrose
  • galactose is derived from lactose
  • maltose is produced from starch

Be aware that sugar has several aliases:

date sugar    Brown sugar turbinado sugar         corn syrup      dextrose   glucose   honey      malt syrup     sucrose    chicory syrup        caramel       brown rice syrup        molasses powder     refined white sugar     white devil       fruit sugar    maple syrup         high fructose corn syrup              table sugar    simple carbohydrate    refined carbohydrate      confectioner's sugar          simple sugar     lactose                   evaporated cane juice

Some general information about sugar:

  • sugar is devoid of vitamins and minerals and the normal nutrients of whole foods
  • manufacturers generally use sugar because it is cheap and can mask low quality ingredients and unappealing flavors
  • refined white sugar is considered the most harmful substances added to food
  • the fact that it is simple, simply means that this carbohydrate is not complicated in any way and will be absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly because there is no digestive "work" to break it down
  • does not contain any protein, vitamins or anything else that is necessary for the human diet
  • provides only calories to your diet (and quick energy, followed by the inevitable crash)
  • too much of it is unhealthy for you.  if you are to indulge do so sparingly

If you are trying to avoid sugar, you need to be adept at reading labels because it is in virtually EVERYTHING.  Here are just a few examples (and I'm sure most are no surprise)

  • most cake and pastry mixes
  • ice cream
  • ice milk
  • frozen deserts
  • peanut butter
  • baby foods
  • pickles
  • bread
  • frozen dinners
  • salad dressing
  • imitation fruit drinks
  • soups
  • ketchup
  • supposed "healthy" cereals
  • potato chips
  • prepared spices

Too much sugar?

Simple carbohydrates provide a rapid rise of blood sugar levels upon ingestion as they  absorb into the bloodstream very quickly.  As a result of this, the pancreas creates too much insulin which makes your blood sugar drop far too low and gives you the feeling of being hungry (the pancreas produces insulin in response to high sugar intake to decrease your blood sugar).  If you continually eat large amounts of refined sugar on a regular basis the muscle cells will begin to resist taking in more sugar which will equate to weight gain because the cells have had their fill.  That overfill becomes your weight gain.

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