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12 Days of Christmas Day 10
December 28, 2014
Well Hey There Again!

Just a reminder that you are receiving an increased number of non-consecutive emails from me for the month of December only. The normal frequency of the CleanZine will resume in the month of January 2015 (on the first Monday of every month).

Thank you for allowing me to expose you to the best of my fitness friends, and colleagues.

May you continue to enjoy a safe, happy, joyous holiday season with you and yours!

Day 10 - Clean Eating with Velma

Hi there. So, on this day I'd like to talk to you a little bit of how I put together a clean eating menu. What does that mean when you hear "Clean Eating"?

Eating has become a maze of over-hyped terms such as "natural", "organic", "cleansing", "juicing", "power juicing", etc. What should you eat? It's all been made to be so confusing that no one knows how to enjoy food any more.

I get asked this question lots, "What do you eat?" Instead of trying to tell you specifically what to do or not do - which never works anyways, I will tell you what I do. It is very simple. My general rule of thumb for Clean Eating is this:

If it falls from a tree, grows out of the ground, roams or flies the earth it's yours. If it does not, put it back.

First off, I prepare all my food one day of the week which is usually Sundays. If I run out of food it is usually by Wednesday in which case I already know what I need by then and either have already stopped by the store to grab what I need so all I have to do is prepare it, or I may already have what I need in the freezer for the next round of cooking.

I have prepared food in my fridge at all times that I can eat. I do have a habit of packing my food if I know I will be gone long enough before I'm due for my next meal. It's just a lifestyle habit I've developed.


I tend to eat the same proteins over and over again. The ones I like to eat repeatedly are chicken breasts, low fat steaks, ground sirloin or buffalo, egg whites and canned albacore tuna. I generally eat red meats once or twice per week. I do not eat tuna straight out of the can, but rather make a salad out of it without adding extraneous calories. I mix mine with Walden farms dressing that I like, sweet relish from Trader Joe's (because most big name brands add high fructose corn syrup to it), red onions, red bell peppers, and salt and pepper. Sometimes I add good fats such as candied pecans or walnuts to it too. Mix that all together and POOF! you have a great cold salad in case where you're going has no microwave (no excuses!).

The only way I cook meats is to grill whether it be on my back deck on an actual grill, or on my kitchen stovetop grill pan. If I were to choose any other cooking methods it would be to bake, broil or stir fry it. These are all methods that need no additional fat except maybe to spray the pan with coconut oil.

If you are a vegetarian or vegan and prefer other choices, then click here to check out my protein page and refer to the vegetarian/vegan choices.


The fact that all carbs are bad for you is a myth I'm not going to address right now. That subject deserves it's own article. For instance, did you know that there is no difference in the way the body translates white or brown rice? So choose your rice based on what you prefer, just don't eat your body weight's worth and then blame that carb. I have heard people tout that they have a special susceptibility to carbs, which I don't believe. I think that's a problem you've created by avoiding them far too long.

I do limit my carbs to a certain amount (generally up to a half cup each meal), but I have them with every meal and I eat between 4 and 5 times a day. I mostly eat the carbs you see in the picture I took to the left and occasionally I will throw in some white potatoes for variety...and that's just a personal preference, I have nothing against white potatoes and they are not bad for you. I enjoy the carbs you see in the picture most. I do not eat a lot of pasta or bread of any kind because I consider that to be processed, but I will enjoy an occasional treat from time to time.

If you would like to know which carbs to choose from go here. The more often you select from the 80% list, the better your desired results.


Vegetables are sort of a no brainer for me. I do not like frozen vegetables so this makes a few more trips to the grocery store for me (at least twice a week). I make 8 fresh salads every week and I eat at least one per day and it's usually for my last meal. I have to poop first thing in the morning, but I feel lighter nonetheless;o) Sometimes I eat 2 of these a day and it's about 500 grams of fresh vegetables like leafy lettuce, power greens (kale, spinach and baby spring lettueces), bell peppers, carrots and organic english cucumbers with the skin. That's not all inclusive, but that's usually what one of my salads consists of. That picture is the containers I keep on hand and they are about the size of a standard dinner plate.

Some of the sides that I do not eat as a salad are asparagus, green beans and raw vegetables such as carrots, organic english cucumbers, or colorful bell peppers. All of these raw. I tend to dip them in hummus.

If you are to choose frozen because that's easier for you then make sure that it's just the vegetables and doesn't come with any heavy creams or sauces. You can season them with your favorite spices or just good 'ol salt and pepper.


I only eat fruits that are in season and I eat them about once or twice a day. Right now I rotate between apples and pineapples.

When spring and summer hits, I like to try to rotate through as many different kinds of fruits as possible for variety.

My favorites are probably some of the same as yours, berries (I choose the organic ones), grapes, melons, I think the best apples are the honey crisp or the tart ones like granny smith.


The fats that I choose from are mostly nuts, olive oil, coconut oil, a ground nut butter or real unsalted butter. You can also choose from other good fats such as avocados.

People tend to overdo fats because they know it's good for fat loss, but keep in mind that fats don't need to be added in large amounts especially if you eat high quality meats because they are already naturally occurring in the meats. So, this is not an invitation to sit down and eat a whole canister full of nuts;o)

For a more comprehensive view of fats go here.


I'm a little obsessed with my Keurig and have been for some time, and probably will be for a very long time, so I tend to drink my favorite teas, or I'll go to Teavana and have them mix a special blend for me.

I do love my coffee in the morning so I will drink at least 3 cups of that a day.

I do consider these to be part of my daily total water intake. I drink up to a gallon of water a day easily, but I've worked my way up to that 20 ounces at a time. It's the best weight loss aid there is and weight maintenance.

Cooking Methods

As I've said, my cooking method of choice is grilling as you can see from my picture above. I just enjoy the taste of it and I'm the fool that will whip out the grill in the middle of winter time and throw some meat and veggies on the grill.

It is rare that I will not pre-prepare my food, but if I'm in a bind I will go to either Trader Joe's, or City Barbecue and get their pre-made, pre-cooked chicken breasts or smoked turkey with a premium salad. I refrain doing this often as this can get very pricey!


Condiments can get a little tricky if you're not careful with reading the labels. I try not to choose anything with more than 5 ingredients. If it has more than 5 then I have to be able to identify them.

I choose condiments based on what flavor I want to enjoy. For instance, since I tend to eat the same things over and over again, it's nice to add a little flair to it like Indian, or I'll stirfry and throw some Asian sauce on it. Try out different things, you may surprise yourself! As long as you stick close to this principle:

If it falls from a tree, grows out of the ground, roams or flies the earth it's yours. If it does not, put it back.

So, don't make condiments the star of your show!

If you want an easy cheat sheet for what you should be eating, click on the link below and simply print it out to take with you and refer to it for every meal to see if you are fulfilling all 5 requests. Easy peasy!

Click here for a cheat sheet to take with you everywhere you go.

So how much then?

Easy peasy, just click here.

For the love of all that is holy, please stop complicating this process. It is an added stress to you that you just do not need. Trying to get to the gym and manage a full time job is stressful enough isn't it? If people tell you differently then they probably have something they want to sell you. To get into the shape you desire, you have to sacrifice something. It will be your time, or your money. It's either the time to prepare the food yourself, or money to have it done for you or to buy stuff in the store that is already prepared for you. Those are your best bets.

I know you think I live in "fitnessland" and it's all so easy for me, but it's work for me too. It's just now my life's habit. It gets easier and becomes part of your being, but you have to put in the time and the effort. Make it happen.

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If you know anyone who can benefit from the information contained in my CleanZine, please forward them this information. Thank YOU!

In the meantime, please take care of yourself. You're worth it and you deserve it! - Velma

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