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12 Days of Christmas Day 8
December 26, 2014
Well Hey There Again!

Just a reminder that you are receiving an increased number of non-consecutive emails from me for the month of December only. The normal frequency of the newsletters will resume in the month of January 2015 (on the first Monday of every month).

Thank you for allowing me to expose you to the best of my fitness friends, and colleagues.

May you continue to enjoy a safe, happy, joyous holiday season with you and yours!

Day 8 - Velma the e-zine host

Hi, me again - your e-zine host;o)

I hope you've had a fantastic Christmas made of wonderful memories and festivities with the family. It's now time to look forward to bringing in the New Year and reflect on the one that's about to close. Here's an opportunity for you to wrap your year up with an hour complimentary yoga session with me.

It's meant to add a little more relaxation as you wrap up your holiday festivities in case your family time and house guests have been stressing you out a little and you haven't been able to make it to the gym.

Please join me for a complimentary hour yoga session on Friday Jan. 2 at noon for all levels of yoga. You don't have to be flexible, there is no experience needed and even if you are an experienced yogi, you can certainly join me before you return back to your regularly scheduled life. Click on the link below for the details of location.

Active Edge for Complimentary Yoga Session

Here's me doing a short, gentle yoga sequence that you can enjoy to relax and unwind. Don't try to overexert and make a "workout" out of it. Just focus on inhaling and enjoying the breath when you look up and extend towards the horizon, and exhale your tension every time you bend forward toward the earth. Focus on relaxing and enjoying breath.

It will only take you about 5 minutes if you include a little time in Savasana after the yoga sequence, which is the relaxed posture at the end of it (lie down on your back to rest). This video was shot at the location for the hour complimentary yoga session.

For a more detailed explanation of the yoga sequence and relevant modifications, please click the link directly below the video to download the pdf.

Click here to download a detailed explanation of the A sunsalutations in the video.

As always, if you have any comments, thoughts, or questions don't be afraid to CONTACT ME!!

In the meantime, please take care of yourself. You're worth it and you deserve it! - Velma

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Velma is an extraordinary personal trainer who combines challenging workouts geared towards your current level of fitness with compassion, empathy, respect and humor. Her clients enjoy benefits such as mastering their favorite yoga poses, jumping rope for 3 minutes nonstop to bending over to tie their shoes easily and making the tops of their feet visible again. Velma gets great joy out of helping her clients gain belief and trust in their own strength and abilities.

Over the next 4 weeks Velma will be taking on a limited number of clients. Call or email to schedule a consultation.

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