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12 Days of Christmas Days 8 and 9
December 27, 2014
Well Hey There Again!

Just a reminder that you are receiving an increased number of non-consecutive emails from me for the month of December only. The normal frequency of the CleanZine will resume in the month of January 2015 (on the first Monday of every month).

Thank you for allowing me to expose you to the best of my fitness friends, and colleagues.

May you continue to enjoy a safe, happy, joyous holiday season with you and yours!

Day 8 (again)- Velma the CleanZine host (including corrections)

Hi, me again - your CleanZine host;o)

So, I've had a bit of a glitch with the previous CleanZine. The video that I sent did not get through, so this is still part of day 8 as I am resending the video in a different format so that you can access it, but I'm also sending you day 9 in this same issue so as not to clutter your email boxes as I respect and appreciate your time and the privilege to be able to send you good information. Thank you for your patience and forgive the repeat of some of the information!

Don't miss out for a chance to unwind all the holiday stress with a complimentary hour yoga session on Friday Jan. 2 at noon for all levels of yoga. You don't have to be flexible, there is no experience needed and even if you are an experienced yogi, you can certainly join me before you return back to your regularly scheduled life. Click on the link below for the details of location.

Active Edge for Complimentary Yoga Session

Please shoot me an email to the address below so I can know how many to accommodate for the light refreshments afterwards.

Click here to report number of guests attending.

Here's the video of me doing a short, gentle yoga sequence that you can enjoy to relax and unwind in a different format.

Don't try to overexert and make a "workout" out of it. Just focus on inhaling and enjoying the breath. When you look up and extend towards the horizon, and exhale your tension every time you bend forward toward the earth, you get a chance on every exhalation to focus on relaxing and enjoying breath.

5 minutes is all you need if you include a little time in Savasana after the yoga sequence, which is the relaxed posture at the end of it (lie down on your back to rest). This video was shot at the location for the hour complimentary yoga session.

For a more detailed explanation of the yoga sequence and relevant modifications, please click the link directly below the video to download the pdf.


Click here for the video of Velma's A Sun Salutations;o)

Click here to download the pdf for a detailed explanation of the A sunsalutations in the video.

Day 9 - Next up: Ms. Rachel Wilson

I don't think there is anything I can say about this girl that would encapsulate who she truly is as a person. Rachel is a genuine sweet and caring spirit whom I've instantly bonded with. She breathes new life into my belief that such true beauty and generosity with no expectations really do still exist. Her compassion for what she does and love for people shines through her loving smile. As you can see from her pictures she is a beautiful as well as amazing person whom I have the privilege of calling my friend.

Read more about Rachel in her bio below:

Rachel Wilson was born and raised in Washington, DC, where she played high school varsity basketball,volleyball, and ran track. After high school, Rachel moved to Philadelphia to play Division I women’s basketball at the University of Pennsylvania. After she graduated from Penn, Rachel moved to New York City and taught 8th grade English in the Bronx, New York for two years. During this time, Rachel received her Master of Science in Education at Pace University. Shortly thereafter, Rachel attended law school at the University of Michigan Law School. While in Ann Arbor, Rachel fell in love with barre classes and took classes practically every day of the week, sometimes twice a day!

After law school, Rachel returned to D.C. to work for a higher education non-profit association. During this time, she also taught barre classes for over two years at D.C.’s first barre studio, Rachel trained new teachers at and at Richmond Barre, as well as provided ongoing training to instructors.

Rachel moved to Columbus, Ohio in late 2013 to work for a non-profit organization. In 2014, she founded barre-OM® which is used by various studios throughout Columbus.

Rachel is a RYT 200 yoga instructor and is also certified to teach Schwinn indoor cycling and Lagree Fitness.

Rachel’s other interests include yoga, going to the movies, rooting for the Seattle Seahawks, and spending time with her friends and family.

Check out the article below Rachel has written about her Barre-OM method she's developed:

The new year is fast-approaching and it is time to think about how, if at all, you will change your workout routine. Maybe you are a runner, a triathlete, crossfitter, yogi, avid spinner, or bootcamp devotee. The new year is an awesome time to change your workout routine and you might want to try barre classes!

What is barre?

Barre classes originated with a former German dancer, Lotte Berk, in the 1950s/1960s. She created the Lotte Berk method in an effort to rehabilitate her back. Since then, barre classes have become all the rage across America and abroad. Barre classes consist of tiny isometric movements that are designed to fatigue your muscles. After you exhaust your muscles, you stretch them out in order to attain the physique of a dancer. Small weights, resistance bands, exercise balls, and mats are used during classes.

Barre is great in significant part because the classes target your arms, thighs, glutes, and abs for finite periods of time (all of the areas that we probably want to maintain or improve!)

What is barre-OM®?

There are six primary characteristics that make barre-OM® unique from other methods. (You can also learn more by clicking barre-OM®)

  1. After taking and teaching barre classes at various studios for several years, I wanted to create a method that provided ample modifications for clients. Modifications are offered for clients with current or past injuries and also so that clients may experience an effective workout, whether they are advanced or just beginning their barre routine.
  2. Barre-OM® instructors also provide anatomical explanations for movements. We see the importance in clients knowing what muscles they are working and why.
  3. Barre-OM® instructors provide lots of individualized attention to clients in order to ensure that they are moving effectively and safely.
  4. Barre-OM® classes are challenging both mentally and physically. Three different types of classes are currently offered including 45 minute classes, 60 minute classes, and 75 minute basic, intermediate, and fusion workshops. You will leave class feeling fulfilled, flexible, strong, and empowered!
  5. Barre-OM® classes are heavily influenced by yoga. The stretches in between exercises are longer than they are in many other barre classes. Also, at the end of class, we have a brief period of meditation for clients to reflect upon the class experience.
  6. We strive to create a sense of community. We make an effort to learn our clients’ names, to connect, and to form friendships that will last a lifetime.

Where can you take barre-OM® classes?

You can take barre-OM® classes at Pai Yoga & Fitness in Dublin, Ohio, and also at PAI’s second location in Gahanna in 2015.

For more information, check out Pai Yoga Fitness. Barre-OM® classes will also be taught at Replenish: the spa co-op in German Village in 2015. For more information check out Replenish Spa and take a look at the yoga schedule.

Barre-OM® classes will also be offered monthly at Bend Active" at The Shops on Lane Avenue in Columbus, Ohio.

If you are in Detroit, Michigan, check out barre-OM® classes at Detroit Barre.

Where can you take class with Rachel?

Mondays and Thursdays @ 5:30pm: Lagree Fitness at The Butcher Shop

Wednesdays @ 7:00am: Morning Vinyasa at Grow Yoga

Wednesdays 7:15pm and Fridays @ 5:45p:Barre at Pai Yoga & Fitness

Weekends: Monthly barre-OM® workshops @ Replenish, and monthly classes at Bend Active at the Shops on Lane Ave

If you are interested in private sessions, small group sessions, corporate fitness opportunities, or if you would like to add barre-OM® to your gym/studio, please email Rachel directly at

And finally, extended only for clients interested in private sessions from this e-zine; if you contact Rachel by January 15th, you will receive 10% off your first session or package (5, 10, 15, or 20 sessions).

As always, if you have any comments, thoughts, or questions don't be afraid to CONTACT ME!!

If you know anyone who can benefit from the information contained in my CleanZine, please forward them this information. Thank YOU!

In the meantime, please take care of yourself. You're worth it and you deserve it! - Velma

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