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Velma's LeanZine, Issue #007 -- April- Get ready to thaw out and slim down.
April 01, 2013
Hi there!

Spring Into Action

Happy Springtime!!

How's it going so far?

Fall and Spring are my two most favorite seasons. Fall because it gives you time to reflect on what you've done throughout the year and Spring helps you plan what you are going to do for the year. It is a renewal of sorts for your spirit and helps you look forward to the year to come. That picture above signifies how I feel about Spring. Everything is blooming and we put our rose colored glasses on ready to take on the year with optimism. My hope for me and you is to take on the rest of the year with our plan in hand and optimism. It certainly doesn't hurt to take our workouts outside and get in some fresh air to boot!

The grocery store shelves begin to change from root/winter vegetables to an abundance of colors of spring fruits and vegetables. I don't know about you, but I've been eating my weight in blackberries and asparagus - my two favorite spring foods.

If you're a gardener, the soil is ready for tilling and if you compost, you're compost has been turning into that black, rich gold signifying that the planting season is upon us. My compost heap has been about 6 years in the making and with faithful turning and nourishment I'm proud to say that it has turned out to be a pretty good looking pile of dirt. Woopeeeeee!

Having Your Cake And Eating It Too: Your Cheat Day, Part 1

I have been studying for my nutrition certification and have uncovered many splendid things that solidifies what I already knew. I will begin working these things into these newsletters, but upon working with a registered dietician who is helping me put a plan together in order to further help my clients benefit, I am finding that I am getting quite a few questions about the cheat meal/day.

I recommend to all my clients who have agreed that they want to actively participate in my nutrition plan that they incorporate a cheat meal/day. I know most, if not all of you have heard of this concept, but there is a method and conditions that must first be met in order for you to receive the full benefits of the infamous cheat meal/day.

First, a wee bit of history for the sake of fully understanding the cheat meal/day concept.

The cheat meal/day was a concept that was taken from the world of bodybuilders, fitness, and figure competitors who wanted to maintain most of their gains made for onstage, photo shoots, and competitions that require you to be super lean. Super leanness is not something you can live in for long periods of time. If you manage to maintain it - it's not easy, nor is it healthy. You will still find many people who will debate this with you. Your immune system is compromised when you become too lean and so therefore your susceptibility for illness skyrockets as well as your risk for injury.

Leaning out for a show or photo shoot is hugely different than maintaining a lean, hard, toned look all year round. It used to be believed that in order to gain more muscle in a non-competitive off season that you had to regain up to 20-30 pounds in order to add more lean muscle tissue. This is simply NOT true and in essence is just as bad as yo-yo dieting. In order for you to maintain your weight and eventually enabling you to eat more, adding lean muscle tissue is imperative. This is the most difficult concept for me to get woman especially to understand. Lean body mass (muscle) is the only site where fat is burned from the body. The more muscle you add, the more fat you burn. Period. Muscle also takes up much less space. If lean is where you want stay then you need to understand the concept of the cheat meal/day. I understand it is not your intention to get onto a stage in pasties and a g-string, but essentially it's the same concept.

Depending upon the client, I may start you off with a cheat meal, or a cheat day. This is dependent upon how lean you are to begin with and what your goals are. If I start you off with a cheat meal, you've probably requested that you want to lose more fat, or get leaner. Your cheat meal can expand into an entire day of cheating, and for some a day and half. It is all dependent on how/if you follow all the other nutritional parameters I set for you. If during the rest of the week you are nibbling on a series of cheats, then the you are adding "extras" that makes the cheat meal/day into a complete fail and will be read by the body as extra calories and gets stored as fat. It will work against you. So, assuming that this is not what you want I try to put together a plan that sets you up for success and something you can adhere to long term. You can probably guess the flaw in other large commercial dieting plans with just that information alone.

The most important thing you need to understand about the cheat meal/day is the significance of what you do the other 6 days of the week (or in some cases 5-1/2). There is always room for expansion for the cheat, as long as you follow what you need to do on the other 6 days. During the other 6 days of the week you must follow the recommended clean eating regimen and exercise recommendations to create a caloric deficit leading up to your cheat meal/day. I factor in your body surface area (essentially how tall you are), activity levels, age, body composition and your weight.

Consistency and variation of your food is extremely important for your digestive enzymes. You can't eat chicken breasts, brown rice and broccoli for every meal except breakfast. You will get bored fast and cheating is inevitable. Rotate in some buffalo, sweet potatoes, and brussels sprouts for Christ's sake. I rotate a different macronutrient (protein, carbohydrate/veggies, & fats) for each meal, but I plan everything ahead of time. If you need to familiarize yourself with clean eating (what you do the other 6 days of the week). I suggest you start here. I will continue to cover the subject of the cheat meal next month and explain a little more about the deficit created and why it's important.

Stay tuned for next issue on "How to have your cake and eat it too! Part 2". More explanation to come.

In the meantime, take this little impromptu diet and exercise quiz below (please humor me). The answers to your questions will be in the next ezine!

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Is Protein Powder The Same as Eating a Protein? I need you to understand why though.

I struggle with this question a lot, not because I can't answer it, but because I sell a very high quality protein supplement powder I believe in, but I don't really like selling it to people. Let me explain.

Eating is a thermic activity and different macronutrients have different thermic power. Of all the macronutrients, protein has the highest thermic power. It takes lots of work for the body to break it down, so any chance you have of eating it, you should and should be the first thing you eat prior to anything else. However, I also have clients who don't have time to plan out 5 - 6 meals a day and so are looking for and need an alternative. I sought to find an alternative that gives me peace of mind that I also use when I get into a bind. It also serves me financially as well if I recommend it to you and you buy it. I only became a distributor in the beginning to buy it for myself until one of my clients made me feel terrible about keeping it to myself, so now I educate you on it if you choose to buy it. How's that for being a salesman?

My goal is to find the best solutions from the best options for me and in turn pass it along to you to help keep you on a life-long nutrition regimen. I don't feel "right" selling you a supplement that you feel like you're stuck on for the rest of your life. I believe food from good sources should always, always be the first and best option. I also understand that not all lifestyles are adaptable to that, so I look for the next best options and pass that along to you. I also feel a responsibility to educate my clients on nutrition that works for you. You may not always be as busy as you are, so I feel you really need to know the basics because it's always good to return to that. If I've educated you on that, then I feel I've done my job, but I also have to make a living too;o) I don't have a problem selling it to you or not selling it to you. My main motivation is to help you reach your goals realistically.

Educate yourself on what to look for in a good protein powder, so if you choose to get one you will know how to use it to your advantage. Know that you can still reach goals without it. It's perfectly possible.

Click here for the protein powder I sell

Read this article here that I've written for another website about protein powders and how to choose the best option available if you don't want to buy it from me. Don't worry so much about the brand that you choose, but look for the quality and what that protein powder is offering.

The Right Whey To Protein

As always, if you have any comments, thoughts, or questions don't be afraid to CONTACT ME!!

In the meantime, please take care of yourself. You're worth it and you deserve it! - Velma

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