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Velma's LeanZine, Issue #010 -- August - Summer Closing
August 05, 2013
Hi there!

The Power of Your Own Perception

I just have a short story for the e-zine this month to hopefully drive home a point, so I wanted to give you some food for thought:

Do you remember that McDonald's case of the woman who was burned severely because she was driving with the coffee between her legs after she stopped through the drive-thru window? With what you know (or what you think you may know) she sued the company for a few million and won.

Sounds like an opportunistic woman who was trying to take advantage of a situation doesn't it? Well, I was truly intrigued by this story and started doing a little digging. I figured if there was a jury chosen of twelve people and they had come to a unanimous decision that this woman was rightfully harmed, wouldn't at the very least one of those people sniff out someone who was looking for an opportunity and found one in this instance? I doubted it, so I wanted to know more about this case.

Here are the things I thought I knew about this case and how it played it out in my head and perhaps maybe the same in yours:

  • The woman drove her car through a drive through window, picked up a McDonald's coffee, and maybe a few other breakfast items, and placed it between her legs and started driving to her destination.
  • She either tried reaching for something like say, her food, to put cream and sugar in it etc.
  • She squeezed the coffee cup too hard between her thighs causing it to pop open and so therefore the unfortunate incident happened.
  • She saw this as an opportunity, got pissed and sued McDonald's (being the cash cow that it is after all)

Is that how it plays out for you? Think to yourself, do you honestly and truly believe that there is nothing wrong with this story? I thought it wreaked so I did some sniffin'.

Well, here are the true facts:

  • The woman wasn't even the driver and her car wasn't even in motion. She was a passenger, the car was parked in the McDonald's parking lot and her nephew was the driver.
  • They had ordered breakfast and were getting ready for a trip and they wanted to organize themselves before they got started. Her nephew did not have cup holders in the car as it was an older model, so she held the cup in between her legs to put in her cream and sugar.
  • The lid had popped off before she got the chance to take it off herself and spilled between her legs giving her 4th degree burns on the insides of her thighs and somewhat on the back of her thighs. If you don't know if for 4th degree burns, you have to have that skin grafted from another place on your body to replace the scorched skin.

Hmmm…Okay. So far just knowing this I thought, so why not sue the car company for making a car without cup holders if she is a true opportunist? Isn't that what you're thinking? But wait, there's more.

She had no intention on suing McDonald's. She went to back to the restaurant and told them that their coffee was way too hot and pleaded that they change the temperature so that what happened to her would not happen to anyone else.

They brushed her off.

She then began to have several procedures done to get the scalded skin from her inner thighs replaced from the outsides of her thighs and it was starting to cost a lot more than she had anticipated. So, she went back to that McDonald's and asked them if they would be willing to make a contribution to her many surgeries since their coffee was the cause of her burns and if they could please change the temperature of their coffee.

They reluctantly cut her a check for $800 for procedures that had already exceeded thousands of dollars at that point and they refused to change the temperature of their coffee as they stated that it was written in their manuals that way.

Okay. Hmmm, was this woman just being a whiny wuss? After seeing the pictures, does it make you think of things differently?

Does that change things for you? It did for me. I know I was impressed with the extent of the damage of her skin. Whoa. Okay. Those are some pretty severe burns, right? That happened from some coffee? I don't know about you, but I'm a coffee drinker and I cannot recall the number of times I've spilt coffee on myself, but my spills caused NOwhere near that kind of damage.

So what's the deal then? Do we ever really know the whole story? Do we ever really know what the real truth is behind anything unless we apply our own experience and self-knowledge.

Isn't that the way it is with most workouts and diets? We do the P90X because we see the commercials and then our girlfriend got some awesome arms from it, or so we believe, but she failed to tell you how she has added 2 or 3 Spinning classes per week, a Pilates class, and oh yeah, she also does a kickboxing class on Saturday mornings. To boot she also added a few weeks of clean eating. It all just looked like it was so simple until you really start to ask the right questions.

I know I was shocked to find out more to this story than what I had originally thought.

Make sure when you are investing into something like fueling yourself to be your best that you take your time to figure out a healthful approach and try look beyond your friends and the commercials to make your decision.

I realize that this was a long way around trying to make a simple, single, point, but I was stricken recently with this story for no reason in particular and made the connection to the constant barrage I am getting about diets and workouts to the point of getting cornered in some cases.

People are confused, and it seems the more information they get, the more confused they are because the navigation can prove to be difficult.

As it turns out, the woman sued the company to the tune of 2.7 million because it was the only option she felt she was left with to make them understand that they are truly causing sever injuries to people and their procedure needed to be changed.

Just a little food for thought..

As always, if you have any comments, thoughts, or questions don't be afraid to CONTACT ME!!

In the meantime, please take care of yourself. You're worth it and you deserve it! - Velma

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