It's here! Happy New Year!

I have a very short message for this first e-zine as I work to personalize it. I just want you to start your year with some food for thought:

Who surrounds you is who you become. Make sure to be careful about the people you keep in your life and the support team you create.

In 2011 I learned this firsthand. Surround yourself with people who are going to help propel forward, not drag you backward. Be responsible for who you let and keep in your life. You're worth the effort!

This is the first of many for the new E-zine. Thank you for carrying your subscription over to the New Ezine, which I now call LeanZine. For now, this is a basic template that will eventually be changed. (Thank you for your patience!)

Let's rock 2012 shall we? Lots of great stuff in store!