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I'm not sure if you care about any of this stuff and perhaps maybe you do since you ended up on this page.  

While I'm certainly more than qualified to do what I do, I believe and certainly understand that it takes far more than just "degrees and certifications" to heal and help people.  

We are complex beings.  As soon as I was able to afford it, I hired coaches myself and have had them ever since as this realization was never lost on me.  

They have become great friends, confidants and my biggest cheerleaders.  

Since I've learned from them in this way, it's what I bring to my clients.

Virtually anyone can give you a great workout.  Heck, go google the words and you can get thousands at the click of your keyboard.  Albeit, planning workouts is one of my favorite passions, but you sincerely don't need me for any of that.  

Not one client, and I mean not one, with exception of a very large well known university - which was warranted, of course - has ever really asked me about any of my education or certifications.  

I'm guessing you're more interested in knowing whether or not I can help you.  I get that.  

I've been in love with fitness ever since I can remember.  My degrees are evidence of that love AND, of having parents that are both educators.  It doesn't make me any less proud of them, but it does give me perspective that adds to my many years of training thousands of clients in person.

Nonetheless, here is my spew in 3rd person ;o):

Velma Garnes has been a fitness enthusiast most of her life. In her school days, she ran track, flirted briefly with gymnastics, and settled on cheerleading and track in High School.

This enthusiasm for fitness remains today, as evidenced by her certifications as a personal trainer, SPINNING instructor, a National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM-PES), and Ashtanga (Power) Yoga instructor.

In addition to the aforementioned certifications, Velma has earned three degrees that have contributed greatly to her success as an excellent fitness trainer:

  • A Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology, from California University of Pennsylvania, Cum Laude
  • a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Administration from Ohio Dominican University, 
  • an Associate’s Degree in Sport and Exercise Studies from Columbus State Community College.

This combined with 2 years in clinical human performance laboratory work, 29 years as a personal trainer and work experiences she gained while in school, have all given Velma the opportunity to pursue one of her interests – sharing her love and value of fitness with others.

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