Barley is a staple that has a nutty flavor that makes a great accompaniment to chicken, fish, or meat and frequently used in soups.  It is a high fiber grain that has a nutty, sweet flavor and a chewy texture.  It is high in fiber and protein and is a mainstay in a healthy vegetarian diet. 

The varieties that barley most often comes in are pearl, hulled and quick cooking.  These varieties are stripped of their tough outer covering. Barley is also used as the main ingredient to make the malt for beer.

You will know that barley is done when it is somewhat soft and plumped up, yet firm in the center.

Nutrition Facts about barley

Calories 96.56

Calories from Fat  3.1                                      % Daily Value

Total Fat                0.35g                                          1%    

  Saturated Fat         0.07g                                        0%    

  Trans Fat               0g  

Cholesterol            0mg                                           0%

Sodium                 2.36mg                                       0%

Total Carbohydrate 22.15g                                        7%    

  Dietary Fiber          2.98g                                       12%    

  Sugars                   0.22g  

Protein                   1.77g                                          4%

Vitamin A (IU)         5.49                                           0%

Vitamin C                0mg                                           0%

Calcium                   8.64mg                                      1%

Iron                        1.04mg                                       6%

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