Dry Body Brushing: What exactly is it?

Dry body brushing has been around for ages and has many benefits.  Your skin is your largest organ and many toxins are released through the skin.  Think about it, how many times have you been able to tell that someone has been drinking the night before? 

The body tries to release the alcohol, which it finds toxic, through the skin.  Hence, you're able to smell the alcohol from the person's pores as the body releases it.  This is because the skin plays a large role in detoxification.  When the body is full of toxic materials, the skin is the telltale sign that shows the evidence.

Dry brushing benefits the renewal of skin cells and sloughing off dead skin which results in the skin being vibrant and more supple. 

It is best to dry brush before you shower or bath so that you may wash off any of the dead cells remaining behind after the dry brushing and it's best to moisturize at this time after cleansing, as the skin is most receptive to any sort of treatments and will benefit best from them during this time.

The Brush

Try to find the brushes with the long handles (pictured hanging above) where the head detaches.  You can use the long handle to get to your hard to reach areas and then detach the head as needed to keep strong strokes going in areas easy to reach.   With both the long handle and the detachable head, you should not have a problem reaching all areas of your body. 

How to Brush

Brush towards your heart in quick deliberate strokes including the soles of your feet and the palms of your hands.  It is suggested that body brushing is best in the morning before you shower, but I suggest you do it when you have the most time and don't feel rushed.  Most people have an early morning hectic routine enough as it is. 

Your skin should feel smoother after one session of body brushing.  You should also dry brush your face and neck too with a smaller brush if needed.  Make sure the brush is made up of a natural bristles comprising of cactus or some vegetable derivation.

The lymphatic system is responsible for cleansing the blood essentially and body brushing has the same benefits as a massage.  It helps to detoxify the body. 

You should start by brushing in small circular movements towards the heart because lymphatic flows towards the heart, so it's important to follow that same direction.  With the exception of the back; you should brush downwards from the neck.

Moisturizing Products

You can use anything to moisturize your skin after dry brushing and cleansing the skin.  I would recommend you use something that is natural and from a health food store like an almond oil, or coconut oil, or products that are vegan and is not tested on animals.

Just because the product lists that's it's all natural on the label does not necessarily make it so.  Do your own research about the product and if you want to do your own investigation, then do so. 

Here are some resources provided for you if you are in the dark on how to get started with what's good for you and what' isn't. 

Check out this link to find understand how toxic materials ended up in your favorite products in the first place (along with a host of other resources).

Check out this link to do your own search on ingredients you know aren't natural, but you would like to know what damage they cause and how to avoid them.

Knowledge is power!

What You Hear Dry Brushing Does For You, But NOT True:

✓    gets rid of cellulite

Cellulite is toxic but if you have it and how much you have, mostly depends on how clean your diet is.  With a combination of a clean diet and dry body brushing, you can diminish the appearance of cellulite.  This has been from my own personal experience. 

There is no conclusive evidence that dry body brushing can get rid of cellulite.  It MAY temporarily because of the increased circulation and some plumping of the skin, but nothing conclusive has been proven.

✓    tones muscles

Sorry, but weight training and exercise(ing) are the only cure for flaccid muscles.  

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