Bulgur is not the same as cracked wheat, which is a common mistake most people make.  Bulgur has been par cooked and cracked wheat has not been.  Bulgur IS made from wheat berries that have been steamed or boiled and ground into a fine, medium, coarse, or very coarse grain - which are the selections you will find in most supermarkets.

Like with most grains that have to be simmered in water for a set amount of time, bulgur is a grain that is merely reconstituted by adding it to cool water, broth, or to water with lime, lemon or tomato juice to add flavor.  It is best way to flavor bulgur is with a flavored, seasoned liquid so that the taste is not washed out.  The bulgur that is often reconstituted is a the bulgur of a medium or fine grain.

You will find this grain in most Tabbouleh recipes.

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