Does Eating More Mean Eating More Calories?

Not necessarily so.  Let's see if we can get to why, or why not?  

Let's look at some terms we will be using:  

To answer the question you have to know the difference between nutrient density and caloric density.

Nutrient density refers to the amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber etc. relative to the total calorie content in a food.    

Foods with high nutrient density:

Foods with little to no nutrient density:

  • table sugar
  • soda or soft drinks
  • white flour
  • ice cream

Calorie density is the ratio of calories (potential energy in food.)  Foods with a lot of caloric density would have a lot of calories/100g of food.  

Foods with low calorie density: 

  • fresh vegetables
  • broth based soups
  • fresh fruits
  • chicken breasts

Foods with high calorie density:

  • cookies
  • crackers
  • butter
  • bacon

The best combination ideal diet would be a diet that is high in nutrient-dense foods (a lot of nutrients/calories) and low in calorie dense foods (fewer calories per gram of food weight).

Therefore such a diet would have the following benefits:

  • easily controlled calorie intake (w/out counting calories)
  • longer periods of satiation/fullness after meals
  • difficulty overeating
  • a higher total nutrient intake
  • more essential nutrients per volume of food

If you have to count calories, you probably are eating the wrong kinds of foods.  It's impossible to overeat whole foods.  Try it.  Your body won't let you.  

On the flip side, processed foods are designed to eat with not fulfillment. It's the way they're designed.  You will never have your fill of processed foods because they have little to no nutrient value.  You will never feel satiated or satisfied because the design is to get you eating more in order to line someone else's pocket(s).  Keep that in mind the next time you sit down with that whole bag of chips mindlessly eating them.  You would never be able to do that with a whole food.  

In a nutshell, less calories means you will lose weight, but this does not mean you have to eat less food, it just means you can eat more food, it just has to the right kinds of foods.  

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