Do what you say you're going to do. Period.

That's it.  Seems simple enough, right?

We are our word.  I take my word very seriously.  

Not many honor their word anymore which I theorize is why we've become such a litigious society and disconnected.  I'd like to say I've become hardened to this fact, but then I come to the conclusion that it's my responsibility to choose to surround myself with those that do.  

Everyone else gets pushed to the outer edges.  No judgement!  It's just how I operate.   You should too.  You know why?  Because you deserve better than that crap.  Everyone, whether they know it or not deserves that basic, common, courtesy.

Consequently, it's my responsibility (and yours) to surround myself with people that understand that this is common decency.  Inevitably, if you're a person with no allegiance to your own word, it's only yourself you're harming.  If you're not keeping your word to others, it's more than likely you're failing your own word to yourself. 

I had scheduled two free calls with some "famous" coaches.  Two completely different people.  I just wanted to chat, connect, whatever.  I set aside time out of my day to do so and NEITHER of them called me.  Not a one.  I couldn't call them.  They had my info, I did not have theirs.  

I got an email from one of them saying he didn't see it on his schedule.  Really?  I never received anything from the other guy and I find that baffling.  The guy who sent me an email seemed flippant about it.  Know how I know?  Because he's sending me an email instead of calling me to apologize.  I get it.  You're important.  Woo. Hoo.  I also get it too, that you simply are too busy and may have missed it.  Perhaps it's my blessing in disguise?

Admittedly, I had done this very same thing recently.  As soon as I realized I was missing a call that I had arranged, I got the other person on the phone immediately and apologized profusely and we had the conversation we were supposed to have.  

So, keep your word, because you're only hurting yourself.  You may not realize it, but you suffer an emotional decline every single time you disappoint yourself and you begin to trust yourself less and less.  

Until you learn to keep your word and promise to yourself you really couldn't possibly keep it for anyone else.  

Wisdom makes a hard choice now, so it will have a future benefit.  Wisdom always chooses to do now, what will be satisfying later on.  

It's not always fun keeping your word.  Sometimes you won't feel like it.  You may have felt like it at the time you made the decision, but when the time comes, you'd rather do anything else but that. 

Feelings are fickle.   Don't worry about or focus on your feelings.  It's amazing what you can do if you don't ask yourself how you feel about it first.  

You shouldn't throw them in the trunk and forget about them, but you don't want them driving the car either.  They shouldn't be ignored, but you don't want to make decisions based on them.   

Keeping your word to yourself is as simple as making a decision.  That does NOT,  however, make it easy.

  • Decide you're going to lift weights 3 days a week and keep your word.  
  • Decide you're going to show up to a certain instructor's kick ass class that you love and keep your word.  
  • Decide that you're going to commit to eating clean every day except one day and keep your word.  
  • Decide to wake up 5 minutes earlier so that you have time to meditate before you start your day and keep your word.
  • Decide to reflect on what you're thankful for every day and focus on that rather than what you feel you lack and keep your word.

Keep. Your. Word.  

The more you work on developing the habit, it becomes ingrained.  Anything is much harder in the beginning than it is if you stick it out.  It all starts with the agreement(s) you make with yourself. 

Practice makes progress.

If you want to become extraordinary, keep your word.  Keeping your word leaves a lasting impression on yourself and others especially in these times when it's rare. 

It's also a sign of how committed you are to your lasting change and success.  There has to be some investment on your part.  The amount of time or work you've invested becomes too large of a cost to revert back.  

For a week, I'd like for you to do what you actually say you're going to do.  See how it feels.  Just a week.  You will find that you will begin to choose wisely what you say you will do.  

As you progress and become more successful, you will find some opposition.  You must realize that progress is always met with opposition. 

Resist the urge to turn speed bumps into roadblocks.  Push past them and fight the regression.  

What was once hard becomes easy. 

When the resistance is gone, so too go the demons.  There is great reward when you continue to push past the speed bumps!  

Getting through the speed bumps allows you to develop skills you can re-use to get yourself even further.  Skip the shortcuts because you cheat yourself on skills and habits you can develop to continue to excel.  

What comes easy doesn't last, what lasts does not come easy.  

Do the humble work.  You'll be glad you did.  Don't let any past failure dictate how you move forward today.  

Keep your word.  You've got this.  You are capable of so much more.            - Velma    XO!  

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