Top 6 food and exercise tips that you can start easily implementing daily for positive results.

1.  Drink more water.  

Water is the best and most overlooked weight loss aid you can ever use.  It helps all systems work more efficiently.  You probably already know you're made up of over 80% water and that it aids in digestion, regulation etc, but did you know that it would aide in helping you speed up your metabolism and help rid the body of fat easier and faster?

Think of water as a cleansing agent.  It may seem unbelievable, but your body requires proper hydration in order for it to release fat.  Besides building muscle, it may be the single most important factor you can add to your regimen.

If you  make a goal right now to drink 8 oz of water before and after every meal and snack, you could release as much as 3 - 5 pounds over the next 16 days!

In order to function properly, your body needs adequate hydration.  Most things can be decreased if you were only properly hydrated: bloating, hunger, fatigue, fluid retention, headaches, cravings and weight gain.

Drinking more water works much the same way as eating more great food, the more you get in, the more your body gets rid of toxins in the same way as more good food you get in at regular intervals, the more fat you lose. 

Studies show that drinking too little water causes fat deposits to increase.  If your kidneys are not getting cleansed properly because of too little water, then it dumps the work that does not get done onto the liver.  In turn, if the liver has to pick up the slack from the kidneys, then it can't do the job it was intended to do which is getting rid of fat and turning it into stored energy, which means fat remains stored on the body. 

2.  Write it out. 

Journaling does not necessarily mean writing every morsel of food that goes into your mouth.  The type of journaling I'm referring to includes writing down the stuff that will help you identify patterns you've developed that may be keeping you from the physical success you want and desire.   Writing things down onto paper is a great release, especially when you're upset about something.   It can also serve as a peek into yourself.  Think of it as research about yourself to identify things that may be holding you back from your physical appearance.  Issues about food, have nothing to do with food. 

3. Kindly talk to yourself.  

Everyone can find something positive about themselves.  If you believe you cannot, then you may need more than this article (or any article) can provide.  Speaking and believing positive things about yourself feeds and frees you better than any meal can and fosters belief in you and your abilities.  When you believe great things about yourself it's easier to treat yourself well and want to treat yourself to the best, nutrition, clothing etc.  I know this method has been mocked (Stuart Smalley from Saturday Night Live: "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and doggone it, people like me."!), but don't mock it until you've tried it.  If you truly commit to it, you will see a difference in how you think, act and feel towards yourself. 

4. Cross the steady-state cardio exercises, or take it easy on the HIITS.  

You hear a lot about HIIT (High intensity interval training) these days and while that does have value and benefit,  the easiest place to start to get the same results is to choose two exercises that use your large muscle groups and alternate between the two of them.   The body translates the difference between each exercise as increased intensity, when all you really did was alternate the exercises that utilize your large muscle groups.  It's a low risk way of increasing your intensity without increased risk to injury.  Since the body changes through forced adaptation the switching back and forth between two different exercises for 4-6 weeks is a low risk addition to your exercise routine.  Low risk + high value = great idea!

5. Pair the protein. 

Protein slows down the absorption of anything else you eat with it, so it's best to eat it with a starchy carbohydrate.  What this means for you is that you stabilize your blood sugar levels. 

In short:

  • if your blood sugar is too high = you DO NOT burn fat. 
  • If it's too low = you DO NOT burn fat. 
  • Leveled blood sugar = the key to unlocking fat burning potential.
  • ps.  there is absolutely no other way

Keeping your blood sugar steady will allow your body to freely release fat into your bloodstream to be transported to your muscles to be used as fuel.  The only way to release fat from the fat cell is to maintain steady blood sugar levels.  Drinking your water ensures an easy transport for fat once it's released. 

Stabilizing your blood sugar is paramount if you are a sweet eater and would like to eat less of them.  It's all in stabilizing your blood sugar levels.   Nothing more, nothing less.  

6. Relax and have a donut to take it easy on your leptin.  

It's an excellent idea to consume a meal or two where 'no rules apply'.  This has become affectionately known as "the cheat meal(s)".  It will help keep you focused on the other days of clean eating during the week.  Instead of guilt and shame, it leaves you with the feeling of something that has been earned not something to feel guilty about. 

Since there is less stress associated with it, you don't run the risk of increasing your cortisol, which is a hormone that invites the fat to stay and relax for a while.

You can't undo a week's worth of dedicated hard work in a day, nor can you expect to have the body you want by having only one good nutritious meal all week.  If it's sugar you want for your cheat meal, it is best to have after you've had a meal, even if it's a cheat meal,  so that your blood sugar is less likely affected.  

Believe it or not, having a cheat meal is actually good for you because the temporary increased caloric intake (caloric spiking) is translated by the body the same way HIIT is.  By giving your body a temporary caloric spike, your leptin levels are increased again which is a hormone that decreases when there is a caloric reduction, but is restored with a cheat meal.   Obese people are known to have very high leptin levels.    The leaner you become the more leptin you lose.  So, since leptin is a satiety hormone made by your fat cells responsible for determining how hunger will affect the brain, this makes it an important hormone for fat loss.

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