Millet happens to be one of my favorite grains to eat for breakfast.  If it's cooked properly, it will become one of your favorite grains for breakfast too!  Once I discovered this grain, it became a staple for breakfast in the morning.  You can use and eat this in much the same way as a steel cut oatmeal.  As with steel cut oatmeal though, you will have to pre-soak this grain and partially cook it if you don't have a half hour in the morning.  I used to have to order it online as it was not available widespread in grocery stores.  That is no longer a problem anymore.

You can use this in both a savory, or sweet dish.  It has a mellow corn flavor and a fine texture.  Millet is great in both a sweet or savory application.  You can use millet in things such as a breakfast oatmeal as already mentioned, or in flatbreads, pizza dough, pilafs, polenta or pan-fried cakes.  You can keep it simple and just mix it with a pat of butter.  I can't wait for you to try this delectable grain. One of my favorites! 

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