Eating Multiple Meals Burns Fat

Most people believe that if they can just get the scale to say what they think they want it to, that it's all they need.  This is not necessarily so, and you need to understand how eating multiple meals daily will help you burn fat.

It needs to first be understood that meal frequency is directly dependent on how many calories are being ingested.  For instance if your caloric intake consists of 1200 calories per day and you begin to divide that up into 5 or 6 meals a day, some of these meals are not worth making an extra meal out of because it may be so little food.  Meal frequency is totally dependent upon you, your preference and your lifestyle, but take into account that the total caloric number is what determines your meal size and frequency.  Meal frequency is important, but not as important as total caloric intake.

A pound of muscle weighs exactly the same as a pound of fat.  The difference is that muscle has more density, takes up less space, and if far more attractive on your body than fat.  If I set a pound of fat and a pound of muscle next to each other in front of you on a table, I KNOW that you will choose to have that pound of muscle on your body over the fat.  It's far more appealing,  sexy, erotic and attractive than that pound of dimply, shapeless, lifeless fat.

Muscle is the only site where fat can be burned from your body.  Period.  In order for you to lose fat you must have a concern for your muscle and the way to do that is by eating multiple meals daily.  To have concern for your muscle comes from frequent multiple meals daily, so if you are not eating frequently, you essentially are training your body to store fat.

Muscle is good!

  • The scale cannot differentiate between fat, muscle, bone, water, the last meal you just ate, clothing, poop, or your internal organs - it simply sums it all up and spits out your grand total.  A scale such as Tanita or any other bioelectric impedence scale does not an accurately measure lean body tissue either as the number is skewed based on hydration at the time you choose to weigh yourself.  Something as simple as drinking a glass of water will throw off your numbers. 
  • The scale measures how much gravity is pulling on your body at that point and time. The method that gives you the most information is a body caliper test, or body fat test which determines your body fat percentage. This gives you the percentage of fat you have on your body so you can figure out your lean muscle mass. A healthy range for a woman would be between 18 - 23%, Men are between 12 - 15% for everyday, normal non-athletic individuals. You want this number to be low, but your lean body mass (LBM) to be high and you want your body composed of as much LBM as possible.
  • If you lose weight and the weight loss is primarily muscle, the "loss" will be short lived and unhealthy and you've crippled your ability to be able to efficiently burn fat.  Your goal is to maintain muscle which is the only site where fat can be burned from your body.  A healthy functioning, efficient system releases the fat from the fat cell and transports it to the muscle to be burned by the muscle.
  • If seeing the # rise on the scale is stressful to you, get rid of the scale. The muscle that you are working to feed and build will begin to do it's job by burning the fat on your body. Build the muscle first! Then watch as the fat seems to effortlessly melt from your body.
  • In an effort now to restore your blood sugar to normal and give you a source of energy, your body sends out signals which are interpreted by your brain as “GO EAT SUGAR!”
  • Thus when you eat sugar, you crave sugar.

    To further understand the damage that starving does to the body, you must know about 2 hormones: insulin and glucagon.

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