Clean Eating Basics

Clean Eating cooking is very important and so is making your food taste good.  But what if we could make the food taste great?   In order for us to eat healthy on a consistent basis, it is imperative to have your food taste great, or else maintenance will prove difficult in the long run.

I know you've heard the term Clean Eating constantly.  Even so, I want to break down the specifics and details for you.

If you love to eat food, then Clean Eating is definitely a lifestyle for you.  Long gone are the days (or at least should be) of starving yourself to get down to the size you want.  It just isn't necessary and I want to teach you how to do that. 

I find that losing weight is not the difficult part, but maintaining the weight loss and not slipping back into old patterns and behavior is where you will find your challenge. 

It wasn't until I consistently embraced the process of Clean Eating that I could maintain the size that I wanted.  When I fully embraced the lifestyle and continually look for ways to make Clean Eating convenient, I can continue to live in the Clean Eating lifestyle so that I may still continue to make progress. 

Am I right?  We all want to look and feel good without question, but our food has to look and taste good too.

Clean Eating should be thought of as life long nutrition. It requires choosing the best options of food available to you to create your healthy meals.

'Best' options refer to food that is free from food additives and minimal processing. Choose as close to nature as possible to create healthy meals. This generally means things that do not have labels and the way God intended them to be eaten.

Admittedly, this is no easy feat, especially if you're accustomed to taking short cuts and hate to cook.  I will be honest however in that if this is a lifestyle you intend to dedicate yourself to, then you have to be ready to sacrifice something, whether it is time or money. 

If investing time is something you don't do normally, then you will have to teach yourself to cook stuff you will eat, or you will have to pay someone else do it for you.

If you are not willing to invest time OR the money, you're kinda screwed...& I'm being sincere.   If you don't want to sacrifice one, then it will have to be the other. 

Ultimately, the decision is yours.

It is possible to buy food that has already been prepared in grocery stores if ordering from a company does not appeal to you.  I do this sometimes when I get into a bind. 

If your food has anything added to it or the original state of the food has been changed by a manufacturer other than yourself, this does not qualify as clean eating or clean eating qualities. 

You can begin your journey with the tips below:

Eating Clean Life Tips

  • Start with whole foods and eat them as close to that state as possible
  • Eat Multiple Meals Daily
  • Aim to eat every 2 - 3 hours
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Snack on fresh produce (with a protein - especially fruit) and eat a protein at each snack/meal
  • Regulate, but don't eliminate your best carbohydrates options
  • Avoid processed foods, fast foods and food additives
  • Get in your daily fiber
  • Watch your portions
  • Plan and pre-prepare your food
  • Limit alcohol to no more than 2 - 3 drinks per week (4 oz each)
  • Avoid simple sugars
  • Learn what the good fats are and get them into your healthy diet
  • Minimize saturated fats and eliminate hydrogenated fats
  • Be savvy with reading nutrition labels
  • Learn how to make your own healthy meals or invest in a program that delivers directly to you
  • To prevent binge eating, set yourself up with a cheat meal

Check out these videos below. They will give you a good start on a proper, healthy, realistic guide to better eating. Watch them both now:

This is part 2 of a realistic guide to better eating.

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