Private Personal Training*

Private Training is the best option if you appreciate one-on-one personal training and personalized coaching at your job, place of business, or your home.

If you would like to get the best in your life, the private personal training option is the key to keeping dis-ease at bay and feeling a sense of control over your metabolism. This program is not like traditional programs. I will hold you accountable for your own outcomes and help you gain positive, physical strength and strive to help you feel best about your body and health.

I will treat you with great empathy; respect where you are, help you commit to your goals without working harder on it than you do, and empower you with the truth about the importance of muscle for the vitality and maintenance of your body. The condition you come to me in does not matter. My goal is to improve you and help you reach your desired outcomes. You deserve to look great, feel great, and be given the tools to maintain it. It's time to get it right this time.

It starts by completing the comprehensive assessment I perform in person. The information that will be gathered on your behalf includes your medical health history, exercise history, eating log, lifestyle activity, lifestyle habits, goals, exercise preferences, Body Fat assessment. I will challenge you on your level of physical strength without regression.

The information within this website and provided to you at sessions will give you the tools for healthful living, to help you lose unwanted fat, create better thinking patterns as well as eating habits. You will leave these sessions feeling as sense of empowerment and headed in the right direction. Once you choose to end your sessions, it my ultimate goal to see that you have been empowered with the information you need to continue the success/es of your journey. Part of this empowerment includes my Incinerate Your Fat! Seminar.

Sessions include an incorporation of a variety exercise techniques, including a comprehensive approach I've adapted from my extensive experiences with Yoga, Pilates, advanced weight training, and cardiovascular training. Each session includes an energizing full body workout. You will be provided with a multidisciplinary approach to your fitness needs as a result of my 25 years in the fitness industry.

The exercise sessions are based on 30 minutes to 1 hour and consist of warm-up, strength and/or cardiovascular conditioning and stretching. Each session will be customized based upon your abilities and goals. Sessions are progressive to keep your body steadily improving, avoid plateaus, and completely avoid injury, while optimizing your health and activities of daily living.

*An assessment is 100% required in order for me to train you. No exceptions.

Cancellation Policy

If you fail to show or provide 48 hour notice for cancellation, you forfeit your retainer. A retainer is equal to the amount of one session due at the first session (2 series rate sessions for the first session).  After you have expired your retainer, you will be charged for another retainer the following session.  This series does not expire until you opt to discontinue. 2 weeks prior notice is required for discontinuance and you will be charged accordingly. Automatic debit is the only form of payment accepted through PayPal.  You do not have to be a member of PayPal.  No payments for future sessions are accepted. If you fail to provide 48 hour notice prior to cancellation, from that point forward I reserve the right to charge you the premium single session rate for that session.

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