Quinoa is one of those versatile grains that is great as part of a cold ensemble, or as a warm side dish.  It can be made into a savory pudding, or you can have it like an oatmeal for breakfast.  This versatile grain is considered a superfood because of it's nutrient density and can be adopted into any lifestyle whether it be vegetarian, vegan, carnivorous, herbacious, whatever......it can fit.  It's a chameleon of sorts and can come in a variety of quinoa colors!

Quinoa is actually a seed and is referred to as a "super food" because of its nutritonally complete protein - which is why it makes it popular among the vegetarian population.  Quinoa can come in a variety of colors: white - in many shades, purple, red or black.

When cooked, these seeds can actually become a bit translucent and look like tiny little saturns with an opaque circle ring around a solid dot in the center.   The separation of the ring from the circle is an indication that the grain has soaked up enough water and has expanded to about 3 times it's size.

Nutrition Facts for 1/2 cup serving of Quinoa

Calories 111                                         Calories from Fat  15 %

Daily Value

Total Fat 1.78g                                    3%    

  Saturated Fat 0g                                0%    

  Trans Fat 0g  

Cholesterol 0mg                                  0%

Sodium 6.47mg                                  0%

Total Carbohydrate 19.7g                    7%    

Dietary Fiber 2.59g                            10%    

Sugars 0g  

Protein 4.07g                                      8%

Vitamin A (IU) 4.62 0%

Vitamin C 0mg 0%

Calcium 15.73mg 2%

Iron 1.38mg 8%  

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