Starving Your Metabolism

What is meant by starving your metabolism.

Nutrition timing is imperative when you are trying to lose weight AND preserve muscle. The first thing you need to understand is that fat loss will not happen if you are not eating and starving your metabolism.

You can lose weight any way you want as the unreasonable, short-lived opportunities are are endless:

  • by cutting off a limb,
  • cutting out any major food group
  • liposuction
  • liquid fasting
  • diuretics
  • or just by simply not eating etc.

    ...but I can guarantee you, you will not be happy with the results.

All of these methods (except for the obvious one) are essentially starving your metabolism. Your body needs a certain number of calories just to cover your basal metabolic rate (BMR) in order to function. This does NOT include daily activities, or intentional exercise. This number (usually you can hit the ballpark if you just take your weight and multiply it by 1000, or just add a zero to your weight in pounds, ex: if you weigh 120, then you should consume 1200 calories just to cover your BMR) is an indication of how much you should consume, just to cover living, breathing, or sitting on the couch. This is for basic human function. Eating has a thermic affect on the body

If you choose to eat less, you will lose weight, but there is some other information you need arm yourself with in order to make sure it's the kind of weight you seek to lose. Here's what I mean.

If the scale says you weigh less (from eating less), that does NOT necessarily mean you are doing the right thing.

Here's why.....

THE TRUTH: Eating less to weigh less helps you lose 3 things:

1. You lose water.

2. You lose very little fat.

3. You lose lots of muscle.

Let me explain further.....

When starving your metabolism, several things happen that directly affects your metabolic rate:

  • Your body goes for the metabolically active tissue - muscle.
  • It goes into survival mode, and the way it survives is by eating your muscle--it stores fat because that's how it can survive the longest. Your remarkable body doesn't know that fat loss is your goal or what you're trying to do so it seeks for the way it will preserve itself the longest. It wants to help you survive your self-imposed starvation.  In the meantime, your body continually catabolizes itself (muscle). 
  • If muscle is eliminated, then it can survive on fewer calories, thus preserving itself.  It eats away at your muscle because muscle is the largest consumer of the body's energy.  If survival is your body's goal, then muscle consumption is the smartest fuel source for your body to feed off of.
  • Low-cal diets have no real lifetime affect-it makes you worse off in the long run. Even though you are eating less food, your body stores more of it as fat.  It catabolizes your muscle until your brain decides that you will provide it with the necessary nutrition it needs in order to stop feeding on your precious muscle.
  • Your body goes into an unhealthy state, driving you to the quickest energy nutrients it needs to survive: FAT & SUGAR! This is a vicious cycle. Your job is to take yourself out of this cycle by first, stop starving yourself, and second, make efforts towards ELIMINATING THE SUGAR!

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