The Power to Commit to a Decision

With the help of one the greatest mentors and friend of my life - Phil Kaplan, and a great mentor to us all - Tony Robbins I've learned how big of a deal making a decision truly is & how it should never be taken lightly.

There was a time where I struggled,  I mean really struggled with making a commitment to myself and staying committed to my decisions. I'm not sure if my decision making process was severely flawed - which I'm willing to bet, or if I was afraid of the extra responsibility that comes with making decisions.

"Should we rent our extra house until the market gets better, or just unload and sell it?"

"Should I expand my current business, or do I just make what I'm doing better?"

"Green socks?"

"White socks?"

"No socks?"

The opportunities to make quality decisions affects the quality of your life every single day, some on a larger scale than others, but still affects our everyday living. Let me explain further.

The one thing I've discovered is that by not making a decision IS making a decision. There's power that lies in making a decision, and the less you use that power, the more powerless you become; over yourself, over your goals and over your own options.

As a fitness professional, I teach fitness classes 5 days a week, it's what makes me tick, gets me high. Whether I'm lecturing or teaching physical movement classes, I love to share my fitness enthusiasm with others because I truly believe if people feel really good it will improve their outlook in life, which in turn will allow them to treat others better, which in turn makes the world a better place to live. I know this sounds naively optimistic, but it truly drives me.

At the beginning of sessions/classes I have clients come to me expressing their goals and how excited they are to finally be able to get into one of my classes as they have heard from others about the great results they get from taking my classes. My first response is always....  

"Is that all they told you?"  

"Do they happen to mention anything about how hard they work to make those changes?"

"Are you committed to the decision you've made to change your body?  I assure you they aren't just showing up, they're putting in the work."

These questions are usually received with blank stares, but I do want them to think about their decision; their commitment. The truth to the questions always comes out later.  The commitment has to match the decision; Mind. Heart. Body.

I have learned that I can't want it more than they do, they have to find that place in themselves and commit to it. They have to have the realization that I'm just part of the solution and that there is work still needed on their part.   It becomes just as important to me to help clients become better committed to their decisions as it is for me to provide a safe, effective yet challenging workout(s).

Different actions produce different results. As simplistic as that may sound, really think about the reality of that sentence. Take control of your consistent actions. DECISIONS is what precedes all action(s).

Why don't people just make a committed decision and stick to it?

It is my belief and experience that most of us are so much more than the person we're demonstrating. Most people state preferences instead of commitments.

Making a true decision means cutting off any other possibilities. When you truly decide to quit smoking, that's it, there's no question of turning back, you now have a clear objective.

For your decisions to make a difference in your life you have to decide what results you're committed to. Most people don't make those kinds of committed decisions, they make excuses instead.  

The best way to make better decisions is to make more of them. Learn from each of them, even the bad ones.

Do not be discouraged if you make a bad decision because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward. It gets better the more often you do it. Making decisions is the same as working your muscles, it gets stronger the more often you do it.  

Be directed by your own values not the current flow of the environment.

Understand that the power of a truly committed decision that is acted upon no matter what the conditions are on a continual basis is what brings you the results you want.  If there's no new action(s), you haven't really decided.  

Make your decisions intelligently,

make them quickly,

and make them often.

Don't labor over a decision.

You know you've made a true decision when action flows from it.  The more decisions you make the better you get at it and this will help you to learn from your decisions. There's going to be times when you make bad decisions, but just be sure you learn from them.  

Stay committed to your decision, but stay flexible in your approach.

For example, if you're a 5"4" female and you had a goal in the beginning to reach 115 lbs before you learned about how important body composition is and you've reached 135lbs 17% body fat, feel and look the best you have in your life, then celebrate and move on to your next commitment to yourself.

Make sure you show flexibility because circumstances can change at any moment that you may or may not need to take heed to in order to make an educated decision.

Enjoy making decisions.  

The people who are succeeding at something you want aren't better people than you, they're just making better quality decisions.

Remember, a truly committed decision is the force that changes your life. You'll be empowered to take control of the force that shapes your life.

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