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Group Cycling 

6:30a - 7:15a @ Arena District Athletic Club

"As someone who has never prioritized fitness, Velma was able to capture my interest in exercise. Participation in her spinning classes proved to be an efficient and energizing exercise that I looked forward to several times a week.

Her style is no-nonsense yet friendly with a serious passion for enhancing each person's physical condition at a pace that is right for them."

- Cindy Hlsheimer, Owner SCS Search Consultants


Indoor/Outdoor Velmanator BootCamp**

6:30a - 7:15a @ Arena District Athletic Club


Group Cycling

6:30a - 7:15a @ Arena District Athletic Club

"Velma introduced me to the wonderful world of SPINNING and it has been a regular part of my workout routine ever since. I love the energy and calorie burn I get from Spinning. Velma is a great instructor who has made me a spinning snob. I need an instructor who is challenging, engaging and fun. Velma is all of this and more. I credit my weight loss and maintenance to her ability to inspire and motivate me."

- Yvette McGee Brown


Indoor/Outdoor Velmanator BootCamp**

6:30a - 7:15a (45 minutes) @ Arena District Athletic Club

4:30p-5:30p (1 hour) Yoga on High Power Yoga Mix**

"Velma’s energy shines through her desire to push people to be their best.

I love her spinning classes!!  She encourages us to push ourselves, motivates us to do our best and also reminds us to grab WATER (which we desperately need after the 5 to 7 minutes of intervals).  Her positive energy and encouragement touches many people and I am addicted to taking her class at least two times every week!  If you are thinking about trying spinning, I would encourage you to try Velma’s class.  You will feel energized, accomplished and encouraged!!"

- Elizabeth Blount, VP/Owner Uniglobe Travel Designs


8:45 am (1 hour) SPINNING @ the Arena District Atheltic Club**

Please refer to the web link for specific club facility class schedules and locations.


**Pre-payment required for all classes.  Open to everyone.

I am available for Personal Training and Group Personal Training Sessions and Individual Training Sessions at the Arena District Athletic Club.  Membership is required for personal training sessions at the Arena District Athletic Club.

If interested in Personal Training sessions, please contact me!  Fill out the form here and in the comments section just request my personal training services and I will be in contact with you.

Hit any Velmantor Bootcamp links anywhere on this page for pricing and more information.

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